Australian public holidays

Find out when the Australian public holidays are in 2017 and 2018.

Public Holidays 2017

New Year's DayMonday, 2 Januaryall state
Australia DayThursday, 26 Januaryall state
Labour DayMonday, 6 MarchWA
Eight Hours DayMonday, 13 MarchTAS
Adelaide Cup DayMonday, 13 MarchSA
Labour DayMonday, 13 MarchVIC
Canberra DayMonday, 13 MarchACT
Good FridayFriday, 14 Aprilall state
Easter SaturdaySaturday, 15 AprilNSW,ACT,VIC,QLD,SA,NT
Easter SundaySunday, 16 AprilVIC,NSW,ACT
Easter MondayMonday, 17 Aprilall state
Easter TuesdayMonday, 18 AprilTAS
Anzac DayTuesday, 25 Aprilall state
May DayMonday, 1 MayNT
Western Australia DayMonday, 5 JuneWA
Labour DayMonday,1 May
Queen's BirthdayMonday, 12 Juneall state
 Bank HolidayMonday, 7 AugustNSW
Picnic DayMonday, 7 AugustNT
Royal Queensland ShowWednesday 16 AugustQLD
Queen's BirthdayMonday, 25 SeptemberWA
Family and Community DayMonday, 25 SeptemberACT
Friday before the AFL Grand FinalVIC
Labour DayMonday, 2 OctoberSA,NSW,ACT
Melbourne CupTuesday, 7 NovemberVIC
Christmas EveSunday, 24 DecemberSA
Christmas DayMonday, 25 DecemberSA,NT,WA
Christmas DayMonday 25 DecemberVIC,NSW,ACT,QLD,TAS
Proclamation DayTuesday, 26 DecemberSA
Boxing DayTuesday, 26 DecemberNT,WA
Boxing DayTuesday, 26 DecemberVIC,NSW,ACT,QLD,TAS
New Year's EveSunday, 31 DecemberSA

Public Holidays 2018

New Year's DayMonday, 1 Januaryall state
Australia DayFriday, 26 Januaryall state
Labour DayMonday, 5 MarchWA
Eight Hours DayMonday, 12 MarchTAS
Adelaide Cup DayMonday, 12 MarchSA
Labour DayVIC
Canberra DayACT
Good FridayFriday, 30 Marchall state
Easter SaturdaySaturday, 31 MarchNSW,ACT,VIC,QLD,SA,NT
Easter SundaySunday, 1 AprilVIC,NSW,ACT
Easter MondayMonday, 2 Aprilall state
Easter TuesdayMonday, 3 AprilTAS
Anzac DayWednesday, 25 Aprilall state
May DayNT
Western Australia DayMonday, 4 JuneWA
Labour Day
Queen's BirthdayMonday, 11 Juneall state
 Bank HolidayMonday, 6 AugustNSW
Picnic DayNT
Royal Queensland ShowQLD
Queen's BirthdayMonday, 24 SeptemberWA
Family and Community DayACT
Friday before the AFL Grand FinalVIC
Labour DayMonday, 1 OctoberSA,NSW,ACT
Melbourne CupVIC
Christmas EveMonday, 24 DecemberSA
Christmas DayTuesday, 25 DecemberSA,NT,WA
Christmas DayTuesday, 25 DecemberVIC,NSW,ACT,QLD,TAS
Proclamation DayWednesday, 26 DecemberSA
Boxing DayTuesday, 26 DecemberNT,WA
Boxing DayTuesday, 26 DecemberVIC,NSW,ACT,QLD,TAS
New Year's EveMonday, 31 DecemberSA


Public holidays in Australia

Public holidays in Australia are either national or state based. However it’s up to the individual states to decide if public holidays can be substituted when they occur on weekends. Generally, most states allow for extra public holidays if New Years Day, Australia Day, ANZAC Day, Christmas Day or Boxing Day fall on a Saturday or Sunday. If this happens, a public holiday Monday is added to create a long weekend.

The climate in Australia is comparatively temperate, so even a simple three-day weekend becomes a great reason to holiday. Generally people head to the beach, mountains or lakes. And in winter the snowfields in southern New South Wales and Victoria are sure to be busy on a public holiday weekend.

Rules for whether the day is a paid day off or not also depend on which state and what pay award affects the worker. Largely, if someone has to work on a public holiday, that person is paid a penalty rate of up to ‘double-time-and-a-half’ (two and a half times their normal hourly rate).

Summer and the Christmas season are the most prolific time of the year for public holidays in Australia, as in many other parts of the world. From Christmas Day through to New Years Day, some people can swing a ten-day break with only one or two days of their annual leave being affected.

The culture of Australia, no matter what the individual family heritage, is very laid back. Holidays here are times for sitting back with family and friends and relaxing, whether at home or away on holiday.