Valentine’s Day 2024,2025 and 2026 ❤️

The origins of Valentine’s Day are unknown, and historians have proposed several theories. According to one theory, Valentine’s Day began as a Christian feast day in the fifth century to honour Saint Valentine, a priest who was martyred in ancient Rome for secretly marrying couples.

Another theory is that Valentine’s Day derives from Lupercalia, a pagan festival celebrated in mid-February in ancient Rome. During Lupercalia, men and women were drawn at random to participate in a fertility festival that included feasting and other rituals.

Valentine’s Day evolved into a day for expressing love and affection over time, and it has been celebrated in various forms for centuries around the world. It is now frequently associated with the exchange of romantic messages, gifts, and gestures between romantic partners, friends, and family members.

The following table contains a calendar of all Lunar New Year day from 2023 to 2026.  We will endeavor to make sure the information provided here is as accurate as possible.

2019February 14thThursday
2020February 14thFriday
2021February 14thSunday
2022February 14thMonday
2023February 14thTuesday
2024February 14thWednesday
2025February 14thFriday
2026February 14thSaturday
2027February 14thSunday
2028February 14thMonday